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Love yourself and change the world

Love is given and received simultaneously, it freely flows without judgment or restriction; it has no agendas, no promises, no requirements, no ego. Love is within us at birth to be nurtured and shared for the benefit of all and especially ourselves, a pure and perfect gift.

However the most frequent idea of love is based on need fulfillment, which is a far cry from pure love. How many times have you heard or read a saying like “you make me feel complete” or “I can’t live without you” or “without you my life is meaningless”? Think of the burden this implicates upon another!!

We have been drip fed this false idea of love since the day we were born when we are told things like, “if you don’t behave you wont get….” or “I love you because you are so good” nothing less than emotional blackmail. No one is to blame; it has been this way for generations and has caused countless generations of people to feel less than whole or content with their life. It has dimmed the light of love within us all.

Unfortunately many of the people that understand this, have used it to their advantage, hence need fulfillment has become the engine that drives consumerism. We are seduced into believing that buying something will make us feel good, content and fill us with the love we long for. What a gold mine the saying “retail therapy” has become.

Consumerism is the legal slavery of our modern society; it is unsustainable for the people and defiantly for this beautiful planet herself. The changes required to address consumerism are long overdue and are the responsibility of each and every one of us.

No one or no thing can re-ignite and sustain the light of love within; it is the responsibility of each of us as an individual to replenish, nurture and maintain our own love within. When we truly love our self it will freely flow to and from us without restriction.

So please forgive the perpetrators, heal and let go of your emotional wounds and scars from the past.

Frequently give yourself the amazing gift of acknowledgement, appreciation, and respect in a gracious and humble way.

Acknowledge with deep gratitude the daily gifts you receive from nature and people, by marveling at the beauty of everything around you. This could be a sunset, a flower, a smile or some kind words. The more you do this the more you will see and experience and the more love you will feel for yourself and others.

Be very mindful of the way you engage with all children, they are our future. They understand what love is. For generations adults have changed their understanding and see where that has got us.

Be aware of all the words you use, they can tell you a lot about how you feel about yourself and how you influence others.

Be the change love yourself.

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