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Where do we go from here?

I’m sure these are the thoughts of many people at this time of year and especially with this New Year being 2012.

Our feelings, thoughts, words and actions are our tools for creation. Creation of our own private world and the wider world around us that affects everyone and everything within the whole Cosmos.

Many people give very little if any thought to the huge personal responsibility that is conveyed with these valuable tools.

I feel that it is not by accident we are immersed in unhappy news, soup operas and reality shows that exude vile energy and encourages bickering, back stabbing scheming and disharmony. Please bear with me while I attempt to create an image that hopefully will assist in explaining why this is so prevalent at this time.

When we are unhappy we feel drained of our energy. Our energy is trickling down a drain into a swampy mire of unhappiness and despair. This mire is festering away and exudes an odor that is doing its best to attach to other people and drain them of their energy. This mire serves people and organizations that wish to manipulate, control and relieve people of their money.

When we are happy we feel energized and elated. Our energy exudes from us, enhancing and amplifying joy and happiness for all to share. This sharing of energy perpetuates the cycle of life and circulates into and through us liberating the true expression of who we are and makes us invulnerable to manipulation and control.

Please excuse me; after all it is Pantomime season

We have all heard of the analogy of the person who’s cup is always half empty as apposed to half full and understand its meaning. Unfortunately many of the cup half empty people truly believe that they are the cup half full type of person. Another saying is; what we focus on is what we get. If all we focus on is what we haven’t got or how horrid someone is to us that is what we experience.

Please be very aware of your thoughts and feelings and listen very carefully to the words you use. This can tell you so much about the world you are creating for yourself and those around you. It can help you understand that you are the primary player in this role of creating the world you experience.

With practice and given a little time and discipline you will find yourself having different thoughts, feelings and using different words that will create a different world around you. You may find yourself choosing to share your time with different people that are more in tune with your new way of being.

This could become your New Years resolution.

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