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Every journey begins with the first step

Please remember that every journey no matter how long or short, it always begins with the first step.

Often we are disheartened because we are looking to the destination and it seems so far away. There doesn’t appear to be anything tangible to sustain or nurture us between the first step and the destination, it may lead us away from our friends, family and loved ones. This is often enough to dissuade us from even taking that all-important first step.

Whenever we have reached our perceived destination there is always another ahead of us to journey towards. However when we have truly reached our ultimate destination in this life that is when our soul leaves our physical body. So surely it is much more rewarding to take our focus off the destination and focus on our journey instead.

When only looking to the destination we are missing all the gifts that are around us at this very moment to inspire us and fill us with joy and love for the journey or put another way life itself. When we focus only on the destination, we may not see and walk right past something that is far more wonderful and amazing that is much nearer and more easily attainable because we are blinkered to any other possibilities.

Life is all about the journey and not about the destination.

Think of the people you have met, the places you have seen and the experiences you’ve had along your journey so far, acknowledge how this has inspired you and fill you with joy and happiness. The journey sometimes becomes difficult, which is designed to test our resolve. By being observant we see indications along the way that our efforts are succeeding and rewarding us and this gives us inspiration to continue.

Let the destination inspire you, then with courage take the first step, embrace and enjoy each and every step along the way. Marvel at the new and exciting people you meet, places you visit and experiences you have and be open, if appropriate to allow the destination to change as you acquire wisdom along your journey. Realize that as you gain wisdom what you desire may change beyond all recognition from when you took the first step.

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