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Acupressure Massage

What is Acupressure Massage?

Acupressure massage is applying gentle or firm pressure to stimulate the energy points, which are all along the meridians, thus easing tension and improving the natural flow of energy throughout the body. Oils are not used during Acupressure Massage. I have adapted the technique from Seated Acupressure Massage so that it can be used on a treatment couch.

How can Acupressure Massage Help?

The wear and tear, stress and strain of daily life causes us to become tense at various places around our meridians, which causes a restriction to the natural flow of energy around our body. The result can be a build up of energy causing tension and pain, or a depletion of energy, causing cells, organs, joints, etc, to become less efficient and effective in performing their normal function.

Applying gentle or firm pressure to various points on the meridians clears restrictions and restores the natural flow of energy, thus helping the body to function as it was designed to. It returns suppleness and reduces pain to tense muscles, improves the circulation and reduces stress, creating a sense of well-being.

What Happens During a Session?

You remain fully clothed while lying on a treatment couch. I press gently or firmly with my hands and arms on various points along your meridians. It can be subtle or deep whichever is required and can be for the whole body or selected areas.

What Will You Experience?

Everyone has their own individual experience. You will feel relief from tension and you will feel relaxed, energized and refreshed.

What to do after a Massage?

All types of massage release toxins into your body. This is the residue of the tension that has been released. So it is important to drink lots of water for at least twenty-four hours after any massage.



If you live in, work in, or you’re visiting Cornwall, and you want to change something to improve your life, experience Healing in Cornwall and choose Healing that includes Acupressure.

This is a complementary therapy / holistic therapy derived from Spiritual Healing, Reiki Healing, E F T and Acupressure that assists the body’s natural healing ability.  Feel relaxed and tranquil after trying an alternative approach for your health, happiness and well-being. Learn self-help and self-healing techniques that will assist you on a journey of personal and spiritual development. A skilled healer can help with issues like, illness, pain, stress, anxiety, asthma, emotional anguish, relationship despair, trauma, worry, grief, fears, phobias, addictions, panic attacks, allergies, headaches & migraines, sports injury, self esteem, confidence, self worth, depression, and much more.  Heal the past change your perspective and enjoy a more fulfilling life by visiting a holistic retreat with a timeless approach to complementary health in beautiful North Cornwall.

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