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The importance of detachment


The courses I studied impressed upon me that when helping people with their difficulties it is always important to work with them in a state of empathy and never in a state of sympathy.   When working in a state of sympathy we are vulnerable to absorbing their energies or giving much of our own energy to them, this is unhelpful for all involved.  I struggled for a while to understand how to always work in a state of empathy, until I understood that remaining emotionally detached was the key.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t care; it means I don’t take responsibility for any of the burden.


Emotional detachment is a far more powerful ally than I first realized.


Think of all the things that make you frustrated or angry.  It may be something as trivial as someone squeezing the toothpaste in the middle of the tube or as crucial as the way the planet, most of the things and people that reside upon her are treated.


I am increasingly becoming aware that when I feel frustration or anger, the energy I experience inside and subsequently exude carries some level of resistance and aggression.  I am also aware that I am exuding this type of energy when I am merely winging or complaining about something.  The magnitude of this resistance and aggression varies greatly, sometimes it’s barely noticeable and sometimes it’s very evident.



 I believe that feeling this emotionally charged resistance and responding from it when challenged feed’s the challenge and leads to the amplification and reinforcement of it.  However I am not certain that only passive acceptance is the way forward either. 


The next time you overhear two people or a group of people grumbling, complaining or arguing about something, sense the energy that they are wallowing in and exuding into their surroundings.  Most of us have done or still do interact like this and contribute to this energy to some degree, even if only by the way we feel when challenged. 


 I am sure this is hindering and slowing the spiritual evolution of us all.


I don’t think that it is by chance that the world is in such a financial state or that there is so much focus upon all the negative aspects of our lives within the media.   All the time we are experiencing financial difficulties, worrying, complaining or arguing about anything we are feeding energy to the circumstances that caused the distress and to the people that want to keep us in a state of disharmony.


Emotional detachment is a strategy widely used in the political and business arena usually with little compassion and unfortunately often not for the highest good of everyone involved.  This stile of emotional detachment is usually the bases of most conflicts and is often emulated by individuals or groups.


When used compassionately emotional detachment can reduce resistance and aggression and help us respond in a more measured way.  The response may be a combination of passive resistance and passive acceptance.  With less resistance and without the input of aggression the challenges are not amplified or reinforced and this I believe in time will weaken and eventually eliminate these often man made and imposed challenges.


The more of us that endeavor to lead our lives in this way, the quicker we can all evolve spiritually and the sooner we can all experience a more fulfilling life.  This I believe will involve great changes in the way we live and the way our lives are controlled by so few people. 


A new lifestyle will require far greater self-awareness and self-discipline on everyone’s part. 

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