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Becoming enlightened

Becoming enlightened will show us a different and more fulfilling way to live our lives.  There are many facets to becoming enlightened and they all take a certain amount of mindfulness and dedication. 


However the core of it is how we feel about ourselves. 


How we feel about ourselves is the starting point for all that we create and subsequently experience.  Feel, think, respond, experience.  Our feelings influence our thoughts, our thoughts influence our verbal and physical actions, and our actions create what we experience. 


So to quicken the journey to enlightenment it is vital to always be mindful of how we feel, think, and interact. 


The thing that is difficult for us all when challenged is taking responsibility by pausing, discerning why we feel the way we do, questioning what we think and how to respond.  When we respond in a knee jerk like way as is most common we respond from our subconscious, which is based in how we feel about ourselves and is the product of all our conditioning and will keep us locked into a repetitive cycle that may no longer be desirable. 


My understanding is that while developing strategies for dealing with the challenges of life these challenges can create emotional scars within us of varying magnitudes.  At the time we often have no option other than to respond from this wounded emotional state.   The response may be learned from those that have the greatest influence upon us or it may be the response that, at the time, usually had the desired affect.  This creates neural pathways in our brain, which cause us to respond automatically in this way in the future.  We face a multitude of different challenges throughout life so we devise a multitude of different automatic responses. I believe this is the way our subconscious is created.


Unfortunately those that have the greatest influence upon us are usually living their life from their subconscious choices and are often very dissatisfied with their own lives due to what they are creating.  They may be unaware that life could be different or they may be aware it could be different yet frustrated and unsure how to change it.  


The one thing that has helped me the most; is whenever I feel challenged, angry or disempowered in any way I question what memory I am holding inside that has caused these feelings to surface.  Then at the earliest opportunity I ponder the answer to my question with a view to healing the emotional scar.  When the scar is healed the neural pathway will close and this will enable me to respond from my conscious mind in future.


Understanding what has caused the emotional scar can be difficult.  Sometimes we bury the memory because it is too horrible to bear, sometimes it is created subtly by relentless and repetitive influence or pressure, sometimes as an adult it can seem insignificant yet as a child it was major or unbearable etc.


When unsure and unable to understand what has caused an emotional scar meditation is very helpful.  Hold the question in our thoughts as we begin the meditation and the answer will often be shown. 


Once the cause of the emotional scar is understood there are many techniques under the guidance tab on my Website that can be used to heal it.


Below are some disciplines that will help keep you on track.      


Be aware of how you feel about, how you think of, how you speak of, how you treat yourself and others.


Think of what can you learn, how can you grow and what is the most appropriate response to all challenge’s.


Try to resolve all conflicts in a passive way and understand the difference between aggression and assertiveness, aggression is based in fear and disempowerment, while assertiveness is based in love and empowerment.


Live your life according to your conscious and not your subconscious mind. 




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