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Control or Manage


Often when we feel insecure within ourselves we affect control upon ourselves, others, situations and scenarios, we do this to mask, hide or even deny our fears.  We usually feel insecure because we have been subjected to control ourselves; this also causes us to think that controlling the situation in some way is the appropriate reaction.  Control debilitates whether it is self inflicted, directed upon others or received because it rails directly against free will.


It causes disharmony within because free will is paramount for our souls journey.


With all the modern day etiquette, protocol, rules and regulations is it any wonder there is so much disharmony within individuals, societies and nations?  It seems that everyone from our parents, peers, friends and loved ones to governments, media, corporations and religions at home and abroad, are trying to control us in some way.


How can this be changed?  I hear you ask.


Each and every one of us can make a difference; we may feel that the little we can do will have no impact upon the world at all.  However by using different strategies to manage ourselves, others will be inspired and the impact we have will spread and reach far wider than we first expect.


I believe that changing from trying to affect control over our life and others, to learning to manage our life for the good of ourselves and others will create change in a remarkable way.


Here are some examples of the definition in my dictionary of the two words control and manage.


Control: Power of direction, Command, Restraint, Regulating, In charge of.


Manage: Conduct affairs to treat judiciously, Make proper use of, Do what is appropriate, Administrate, Organize.


When I visualize what happens when I think of the act of control, what I see is the action of drawing everything close in an introvert greedy way.


When I visualize what happens when I think of the act of manage, what I see is the action of sending everything out in an extrovert generous way.


Control to constrict and contain. Manage to mobilize and maximize.


I believe that a good manager is very observant, tolerant, compassionate, reasonable, and receptive, is skilled at identifying strengths and weaknesses and good at complementing and supporting them etc.  All these skills and techniques can be directly applied to our daily life when given some thought.



Please always remember that when we feel challenged, threatened or insecure the feelings and emotions are highlighting the issues that we can address and change for our benefit and the good of all.  Using these sensations, as our radar and applying healing techniques to the issues will have a huge positive effect upon our life, all who are close to us and all we come into contact with.


Heal thyself and you heal the world.


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