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The void within


Many people feel unloved, undervalued, unappreciated, disrespected, misunderstood etc or feel like they don’t belong within the experience of life they endure. This understandably causes us to feel empty inside, “the void within”.


This feeling of emptiness plays into the hands of all that profit from the practice of retail therapy, it also plays into the hands of those that wish to manipulate or control another. In both scenarios it makes it easy to convince us that what they can offer will fill the void within.


The void within is usually created by the manipulation or trauma and subsequent scars on our emotional state, so the void within is often a delicate and vulnerable energy and feeling.


When we attempt to fill the void with retail therapy, succumbing to the charms of a controlling person or rely upon anyone or anything that is outside and beyond our physical being.  The energy we allow in will be of a different vibration and frequency and will eventually feel out of place in this delicate and vulnerable emotional void.  It may provide a temporary rest bite however the disharmony with the energies will soon become apparent, unsustainable and the feeling of emptiness will reappear.


If your pillow loses some stuffing would you refill it with rocks?


The sustainable way to fill the void within is from within yourself by restoring harmony to your emotional state of being.  This is achieved by going within to identify the emotional scars so that they can be healed and released.  Replacing those energies with a feeling of pride for all that you have endured for the purpose of your souls deep understanding of the experience along your journey.  Then retrieving the element of your soul that has been trapped at the time of emotional trauma and subsequent emotional scar.


To identify the issues use;



To heal the void within use whichever of these feels most appropriate;

Healing trauma & emotional scars, Healing fear or despair, Forgiving yourself or Does true happiness seem just out of reach.


To retrieve the trapped element of your Soul use;

Soul retrieval


Filling the void within from without will cause you to be without; however restoring emotional harmony will fill the void from within and you wont be without.  

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