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Soul retrieval


When we experience challenges and trauma in our life an element of our soul often remains trapped at that time.  This trapped element of our soul can feed fear forward to us and have a powerful affect upon us.  When issues have been healed it is advisable to retrieve this element of our soul and avoid a sensation of feeling lost or disconnected. 


When you have completed the healing of the issue keep your eyes closed and invite yourself as the child you were, at the most relevant time, to stand before you.


See yourself as the child you were and go to her/him, then kneel before them and reassure them that they are now safe and need no longer feel confused, alone, afraid or unloved again.


Reach out to them and invite them to step into your arms and as you hold them invite them to step into your heart and soul and feel them rejoin with you.  All the time reassure them that they are safe, loved and need never feel alone, confused or afraid again.


Then invite them to play with you, do the things they loved to do or the things they wanted to do but was unable to.  Rebuild a strong bond so they can feel safe and trust you.  Then when you feel it is appropriate you can open your eyes knowing they are always with you and where they belong.


When this element of your soul is reunited with the main body of your soul you will experience the sensation of elation, completeness and peace.

It is also advisable and possible to retrieve the elements of your soul that may still be trapped from issues that you have previously healed. 

Close your eyes and relax, set your intention to be open to receive them, and then invite them to return and feel the sensation of elation, completeness and peace.


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