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How do you move through life?


There are many ways that we move forward throughout our life and sometimes we adapt different strategies when different scenarios are presented.  We are usually blinkered because we constantly plan ahead and focus on what we do to achieve what we desire for the future.  


Here are some anecdotes of the different and the more extreme ways that we engage with the journey through life.


  • The jet engine sucking in everything around and expelling the exhaust in a great stream for all to see and dismay over.


  • The bulldozer blindly pushing on and having little regard for the damage it causes and the scars it leaves behind.


  • The train that can only proceed when the tracks are neatly laid out before it.


  • The hot air balloon that drifts on the wind and can only fly when the conditions are right or when the wind is in the right direction.


Remember all these things consume vast amounts of energy to do what they do.


Ancient civilizations didn’t have the jet engines, bulldozers, trains or hot air balloons to use as anecdotes.  However the thing that they often revered and endeavored to emulate was a large bird of prey.


The eyes of a large bird of prey are situated so it can see all around it, which enables it to see all of its options and possibilities; this is enhanced by the flexibility of its neck.  It can effortlessly soar to great heights on thermals that are like gifts from the gods and observe the bigger picture thus understanding its place within that picture.  From great heights it can travel vast distances with little effort and immeasurable ease.


I know which I am striving to emulate.


 Remember a large bird of prey only consumes what it needs and often improves its environment by eating carcasses that would otherwise decay.


Our gifts from the gods that we often don’t use or trust are our awareness, our intuition, our consciousness etc. 


Remove the blinkers that cause you to only look and project your thoughts, efforts and aspirations into the future.  Live in the now and become much more aware of what you have all around you at your fingertips here and now.  Utilize your gifts from the gods and ride the thermals, soar to great heights and understand where you fit into the bigger picture then journey through life with little effort and immeasurable ease.  


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This is a complementary therapy / holistic therapy derived from Spiritual Healing, Reiki Healing, E F T and Acupressure that assists the body’s natural healing ability.  Feel relaxed and tranquil after trying an alternative approach for your health, happiness and well-being. Learn self-help and self-healing techniques that will assist you on a journey of personal and spiritual development. A skilled healer can help with issues like, illness, pain, stress, anxiety, asthma, emotional anguish, relationship despair, trauma, worry, grief, fears, phobias, addictions, panic attacks, allergies, headaches & migraines, sports injury, self esteem, confidence, self worth, depression, and much more.  Heal the past change your perspective and enjoy a more fulfilling life by visiting a holistic retreat with a timeless approach to complementary health in beautiful North Cornwall.


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