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Allow your light to shine

Many people say that they want to be living a more spiritual life and help others to become more in touch with their own spiritual side. They usually add that they don’t know how to even begin and are sometimes not sure how to define what spiritual means.

I believe we are all being spiritual in our own way from the day we are born, because even those that challenge us and we wouldn’t normally think of as spiritual people are facilitating experiences for us that help us grow and evolve.

However the idea of being spiritual usually means being understand, forgiving, caring, loving, generous, helping and guiding etc.

I am sure you are all of and more of the afore mentioned. So please acknowledge and honor who you are already being, probably without even giving a thought to the amazing help and positive affect you have upon others.

Please realise that when you hold truth and love in your heart and allow the light you carry within to shine. The people around you will be touched by that light in the same way that you are when you see a beautiful view, painting, sunrise, flower, hear some beautiful music or whatever it is that makes your heart sing.

Allow your light to shine because your light is divine

What causes your light to be less than bright?

Any emotion you hold onto that is based in fear reduces its brightness. It’s the dimmer switch within, because your personal energy is governed by your emotions. When your emotions are low you become lethargic and your light is dim and when your emotions are high you become energized and your light is bright.

Please be very aware of your emotions.

When something causes you to feel upset, frustrated, irritated, annoyed, angry etc. Acknowledge the gift and look within to discern why you feel this way. Heal the emotional scar and set yourself free from the shackles of your conditioning.

You will then begin the journey of living your life in a conscious and measured way.

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