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Emotional and Psychological Conditioning


We are conditioned by others or condition ourselves due to our experiences and subsequently act and react to our daily challenges and experiences in the way we do.  Unless we make a conscious decision to examine all possibilities and avenues of how to be, we have a tendency to create our future according to our conditioning or in other words, our subconscious.


When we ponder why our life is a certain way we are sometimes aware of the mechanism that installed the conditioning.  Sometimes though we are completely unaware of it, or we assume it’s one thing when it’s actually something entirely different.


From my personal experience and insights when working with others, identifying these mechanisms is important and often requires meditation and journeying to understand.  Identifying these mechanisms gives us awareness, which in turn enables us to heal them and empowers us to change our life. 


We are usually aware of the cause when something had a profound affect and from that day on our life was changed.  This is usually due to something happening that could have been installed by fear, anger, guilt etc.  However sometimes when something suddenly happens, because of the shock we lock the experience away in the recesses of our memory, and subsequently can be unaware of the cause.  We can also suppress the memory because the magnitude of an experience is too horrible to bear remembering.


Conditioning that has been gradual, constant and oblique doesn’t have a definite focal point.  So as a result we often feel that the way we are treated is normal or it’s the normal way to act, react or feel, or we even feel we deserve it to be this way.  This is because there is no defining line of change, so we don’t remember our life being any other way, and this can create a huge amount of despair in our life.


We can have an experience like rejection or having our views dismissed and we simply don’t remember it.  This could change our feelings and emotional state and subsequently our experience of life, so we often assume that to feel this way is normal.


We condition ourselves to avoid experiencing things we have found unpleasant or challenging for fear of feeling the pain, anger, guilt, failure etc again.  This could be something like avoiding new relationships, new adventures or challenges.  We may be making all kinds of excuses why it’s not possible or appropriate, or we may not even be aware that the energy we emit keeps people or opportunities at bay.  


If you’re aware of the cause of your conditioning and it involves people, you can use the “Healing the

Trauma and Releasing the Joy” technique under the guidance tab.  


 If you’re aware there is an issue or you avoid experiences yet you’re unaware of the cause you can use meditation to give you awareness by journeying back to the source and cause of the issue; see “Meditation” under the guidance tab.  If what you are shown involves people, use “Healing the Trauma and Releasing the Joy” mentioned above.  If what you are shown involves fear or despair you can use the “Healing Fear or Despair” technique under the guidance tab.



When you heal your conditioning you heal your subconscious and empower yourself to make conscious decisions that will enrich your life.




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