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Healing Fear or Despair


Fear is often considered either rational or irrational.   Rational fear is the fear of something we know to be dangerous and is usually considered acceptable.  However is it rational to fear climbing down a cliff face in full harness and safety gear, I’m sure many of us would?  The fear of falling overrides the knowledge that we are safe in the harness.


Irrational fear is of something not at all dangerous that we still are afraid of.  We may or may not be aware of the cause of our fear.  It inhibits us and stops us from experiencing many wonderful things in our life that we would like to enjoy.  We usually find ourselves making all kinds of excuses why something isn’t possible, appropriate or acceptable or we may not even be aware that the energy we emit keeps people or opportunities at bay.   


The problem is, whether it’s rational or irrational fear, it has a debilitating affect of various magnitudes on our lives, in the short and the long term. 


Despair is every bit as debilitating because we are often not sure why we feel it and not sure how to change it.  This is because it is usually created in a gradual, constant and oblique way and as a result we feel that the way we are treated is normal or it’s the normal way to act, react or feel.  Constant conditioning can also make us feel we deserve to be treated or feel this way.


It can be difficult to deal with because we may understand that our fear or despair can be healed. However the thought of facing the cause in the conventional way to heal it is unbearable.  The following technique can be very useful if this is the case for you. 


Find some quiet time and a quiet place, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.  Take slow gentle and deep breaths, feel the rhythm and relax as your body and heart slow to a gentle pace. 


Think of your fear or despair and take your consciousness into your body to identify where you’re holding it.  Breathe in a beautiful colour and enjoy the healing affect.  Breathe the colour into the fear or despair and feel it soften.  Then step into it, allowing yourself to feel and experience it.  Surrender it to the Universe to be healed, let it go and yield to the experience.

Then feel a sense of pride, a deep sense of pride for all you have endured for the purpose of your souls journey.  Feel this pride growing within you to replace the energy you were holding before.  Take ownership of it and learn to love it, this isn’t being egotistical, it’s a private pride that you have earned and deserve, Honour who you are becoming.

It is advisable to use the Soul retrieval technique when you have healed issues to avoid a sensation of feeling lost or disconnected and alternatively experience the sensation of elation, completeness and peace.

If a person or people installed your fear or despair you may find that after using this technique (once or a few times) you are ready to face it and use the “Healing Trauma and Emotional Scars” technique under the guidance tab to heal it at an even deeper level.   If you are unaware of the cause you can use “Meditation” under the guidance tab, to better understand it.




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