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Fear is the opposite of Love


Fear is the opposite of love because out of fear comes all unloving thoughts, feelings, words, actions and reactions etc.  Whether we feel love or fear, each has its effect on how we see and interact with each other and subsequently how we experience our future.


Love propagates an expansive and inclusive disposition.


We feel part of our immediate surroundings, our community and the Cosmos and understand we have and important place and role to play.  We feel included and enjoy including others beyond our usual realm that in turn enrich our lives even further.


Fear propagates a contractive and exclusive disposition.


We don’t feel part of our immediate surroundings, our community and the Cosmos and don’t understand our place or what role to play.  We feel excluded and don’t wish to engage with others beyond our usual realm, usually mistrusting them thinking they have nothing of value to offer.  This causes us to be insular and blinkered to the bounty around us.  


Both ways of being extend beyond us as an individual to everything from our immediate surroundings to the far reaches of the Cosmos.  The way we see things and interact with each other and our surroundings is what creates our future experiences.


We are the cause, what we experience is the effect.


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