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 Nurture and love yourself


Often we don’t nurture and love ourselves as much as we could.  We deny ourselves the experience of beauty and love at the deepest level, within our heart.   This is usually because of the way we have been, or are being treated and made to feel about our worthiness.  We are often not aware we practice this form of self-denial because it develops inadvertently, and gradually transcends from a subtle to a powerful form of self-control. 


Nurturing ourselves is about allowing ourselves to feel love and joy within our heart.  We can all too often appreciate things like a beautiful sunset or an offer of kindness in our head and not feel it in our heart. 


This happens because feeling beauty and love helps heal emotional scars and this can be painful.  So we take control and create a barrier to reduce the amount we feel things, allowing ourselves to only experience beauty and love on an intellectual level.  This creates a feeling of emptiness within and perpetuates the cycle of unworthiness that we feel about ourselves. 


Surrendering control, opening our heart, not fearing the sadness or pain that may be exposed and enjoying the beauty and love within our heart, will nurture and heal our heart and soul. Nurturing our heart and soul nourishes us at a spiritual level and assists our journey to enlightenment and supports the process of giving and receiving unconditionally.


Even if you think this doesn’t apply to you, please try the following and you may be surprised how it makes you feel.


Have the courage to open your heart and allow your self to feel beauty and love at a deeper level.  When you see something of great beauty or you’re offered a kindness, let it in, beyond your mind and into your heart.  If you begin to feel some sadness or pain, fearlessly step into it and surrender it to the universe to be healed on your behalf.  Let it go and forgive the perpetrator and yourself.


When you feel the benefits you may wish to try the following exercise that will take your experience to yet another level.


Find some quiet time and a quiet place, then close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.  Take slow gentle and deep breaths, feel the rhythm and relax as your body and heart slow to a gentle pace.


Imagine that you are holding your heart in the palms of your hands, like you would a tiny bird or butterfly. Send as much love as you can into your heart, caress and nurture it and feel your heart grow as the wonderful love expands within you. Enjoy the youthful glee as your heart sings with excitement for its newfound joy. 


Feel the love radiate beyond your heart, flooding into every cell of your body, filling you with an inner warmth and glow.


Please practice this as often as you can. Make the time to nurture and love yourself.


Surrender control and nurture your heart and soul


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