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We are all from the light

We are all from the light, so we are all the light itself.

We use our light to illuminate all aspects and the full spectrum of the human experience for ourselves and each other.

This illumination is our gift to each other, bringing awareness to who we are being and highlighting new avenues for change.  Unfortunately these gifts are often seen as challenges and are responded to with hostility and blame.

Accept these gifts fearlessly, graciously, with gratitude and love and understand they offer us opportunities to change and a pathway to enlightenment.

Look for the wisdom you can receive from these gifts, then with courage embark on your journey towards enlightenment and feel the joy in your heart and soul as you illuminate new avenues that were hidden in the dark before.

Celebrate the light you shine and accept thet we are all devine

There is a story in one of The Conversation With God books about the little soul.  This is roughly how it goes.

“The little soul was returning to the physical realm and god asked what it whished to experience this time.

The little soul replied forgiveness.

Who are you going to forgive asked god.

The little soul looked all around and could only see souls full of love and replied, there is no one to forgive.

Understand the dilemma another soul stepped forward and said, because I love you so much I will come with you and lower my vibration to such an extent that I will cause something for you to forgive.  This will be my gift to you and in return all I ask is that you remember who I truly am.”

This story helped me a lot to understand the challenges I get thought my life and also helped me to be compassionate and forgiving to those that challenge me.








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