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Core structure of society


For thousands of years the core structure of most so called civilized societies has been designed to dis-empower people as individuals.


Power over, as opposed to power with.


The purpose of this has been to make it easy to influence, manipulate and control the vast majority of the population. 


This is achieved at its worst by brute force or at its subtlest by conditioning.


The affect of brute force is plain to see, although it is often hidden when possible or at least disguised by assumed justification.


Conditioning is much more subtle, yet no less effective, because it has a tendency to cause less resistance within a community and often creates change or control obliquely.


Conditioning has been a powerful tool within society for politics, religion, the media and in recent times for corporate sales.  It’s very effective because we hear the same message time and time again, until we eventually believe what we are hearing is true, or think there is no other way to be.  We are also influenced to think that certain things will make us happy. 


As individuals we also engage in the practice of conditioning each other in our attempt to get people to conform to what we think to be appropriate behavior. 


Conditioning influences the choices everyone makes, through fear and insecurity, a sense of obligation or guilt, the feeling we want to conform and fit in and even some so called moral codes and ethics.


Society e.g. politics, religion, corporations, the media, parents, peers, friends and loved ones try to mould us into their idea of a model citizen.   


Is it any wonder that the vast majority of people feel powerless?


Trying to conform and be the way we are expected to be makes us create a front, which we usually end up hiding behind, thus not revealing our true self. 


At a deep level we see this front everyone hides behind for the lie that it is, so we mistrust each other and therefore often feel isolated and insecure.  Mistrust creates separation between individuals and on a larger scale communities and nations.  Separation keeps us from bonding with each other and creates a fractured society and suppresses community spirit. 


Unfortunately it’s usually only in times of adversity or tragedy that community spirit reappears, re-emerging through the feeling of a shared experience.


When people ask about my thoughts and feelings regarding the way we do or don’t interact with each other and the way life is, they often agree or at least relate to what I say.  I am aware though that they rarely speak openly about their own thoughts and feelings, for fear of being ridiculed. 


This fear of being ridiculed plays into the hands of those who don’t want to see any change to the status quo, usually because they are doing very nicely with the way things are.  


Being open about our individuality reveals our uniqueness.  Our uniqueness reveals to everyone how many similarities we all have, e.g. our aspirations and desires, our insecurities and fears.  It reveals this at a deep level and in the most honest way.  When we realise how similar we are, we respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  We relate to each other and this gives us a shared experience and enhances community spirit.


So please empower yourself.  Decide who you are and how you intend to demonstrate yourself to the world.  Don’t keep the cycle going by accepting things the way they are. 


Heighten your awareness, go within and open the golden treasure-trove of wisdom within your soul.  Make conscious decisions with the choices that present themselves to you. 


Have the courage to stand out from the crowd.  Speak out for what you feel to be right.  Show the world that you are an individual and you will be surprised how many relate to your newfound identity.


Empower yourself, break the mould and show the world what a wonderful person you are within.   Not this moulded person hiding behind a front you’ve been conditioned to create.


Break the mould and reveal the gold.




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