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The choices we make create our future.  Whether they are major choices or minor ones, they are the steering mechanism for our journey through life.


When something falls into place I often, in my mind, trace back through the choices I had and decisions I made and marvel at the complexity, yet simplicity of the journey.  This has helped me understand how seemingly minor choices can subtly change our direction and have a profound affect in the long term. 


Every choice is like a fork in the road of the amazing journey through life.


We choose to check what’s coming before we cross the road, because if we didn’t the outcome would probably be very unpleasant.  We are usually not even conscious of this choice; it’s a subconscious choice we make as we prepare to cross.  We make this subconscious choice because we are taught to while we are young and thankfully this has a positive affect on our lives. 


However not all the things we are taught or conditioned to think, feel or do, as we grow up or even when we are adults has a positive affect on our lives.


We have in recent years been provided with official crossing places and most people will walk quite a distance and patiently wait at the crossing for the lights to change and give them permission to cross, even when there isn’t a car in sight.  What I find troubling when I see this, is how willing we are to conform to teaching and conditioning and I don’t think we are even aware of our willingness to surrender our free will to authority.


Fear is another technique used to condition us and undermine our sense of security, thus coercing us into accepting situations we wouldn’t normally consider appropriate.


We are also being conditioned to believe we need things in our life by adverts constantly showing us how perfect our life could be if only we buy all manner of products.  The pace of life deprives us of the time to truly assess what will make us happy.  So we often buy things we don’t need let alone want in a vain attempt to attain the same level of elation portrayed in the adverts and make ourselves happy.


Due to the amount of choice and the pace of life we often feel disappointed with the result of our influenced, subconscious decisions.  This reduces our confidence and adds to the many other things that fuel indecision when making some major choices; Fear of letting someone down, fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of loss or even fear of our own potential.  There are many more reasons and they usually cause us to look to others for help.


To assist us there is an army of so-called experts that are all too willing, usually for a fee, to help us with our decisions.   We can also be encouraged to conform to what our friends and loved ones believe to be best for us.  


The so-called experts, friends and loved ones that proclaim to be helping us could be deliberately or at least inadvertently undermining our self-confidence. 


Over time we begin to loose faith in our ability to make any decision, so when each choice arrives we feel even less able to decide and so the exasperation grows. 


This is disempowering and makes us very easy to manipulate.


I know this all sounds very cynical, however I believe this is the usual cause of many peoples indecision or disappointment with the decisions they make.


So please measure all your choices, be aware of the flaws in your subconscious and don’t let the conditioning of others influence you.  Take some time to assess your thoughts and feelings, use discernment and decide what you want and how you feel.  Look closely at any fears and decide if they are rational or imposed irrational fears, make a conscious decision and feel secure in the knowledge that;


Choices you measure create outcomes of pleasure.




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