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Imagine the universe is like a goldfish bowl


We are all swimming around, living our lives and evolving by being who we choose to be.  We are individual souls, interconnected and interdependent as well as being an important part of the liquid that we swim in. 


Inevitably as we move forward and evolve we displace the liquid ahead of us and draw in liquid behind us to fill the space we previously occupied. 


We can choose from a multitude of options as to how we move forward; we can be mindful of those ahead of us and carefully choose our path, we can disregard those ahead of us and push our way through, or many variations between. 


We can also choose how we help those around us to move forward; we can show them the many paths they can choose from and assist them with their choice, push or drag them kicking and screaming with no regard to their views or many variations between.


I also feel that the more we impose ourselves upon or depend on those around us the closer we hold them to us, so we are therefore creating a larger mass to move forward.  The baggage we insist on hanging onto from our past also creates a larger mass to drag along with us.  These behaviours usually occur through fear and lack of self-confidence or reluctance to forgive. 


Which of these options do you feel would disturb the liquid and surrounding occupants the least and which of these options do you consider you choose?


By holding people close for support or dragging them along because we wont let go, I believe we become cumbersome and slow.  We are also affecting their free will by drawing them away from their own chosen path.  We are therefore slowing down the evolution of ourselves and those affected by us.


I believe for us all to evolve with the most ease and to the maximum extent, we would be wise to be as independent and baggage free as possible.  I am not suggesting that everyone should strive to be an island unto themself, as we are all interconnected and interdependent.  However we could perhaps strive to be far more self-reliant and much less attached to our past. 


This I am sure would allow more flexibility, manoeuvrability and agility which in turn presents many more options and paths for our forward journey.  This will allow the process to happen with far greater ease and much less disturbance to the people and world around us.  When we live our life in this way we inspire others to change of their own volition, because we each become a beacon of light to be emulated, not a tyrant to be feared.


I have an image in my mind of the difference between the archetypal great white hunter who takes with him everything he thinks he needs including the kitchen sink, or the native who only carries a spear and a knife.  I know who I think can move with the greatest speed, agility and ease.


I would like to describe my understanding of the difference between dependent and interdependent.  Dependent for me means “depending on” someone or something whereby we rely on their support and couldn’t survive without it.  Interdependent for me means “dependent with” someone or something whereby we choose to share and benefit from assisting each other without relying on each other. 




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