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Does protection serve our soul well?


We use many techniques to protect ourselves from energies that challenge us as we deal with daily life and the issues we carry within us.  These techniques range from subconsciously crossing our arms in front of us, to various techniques consciously used with our intent.


What concerns me is, the more we protect ourselves the more we surrender to the fears that feed the issues.  By creating a barrier we deflect the energies that could increase our understanding and assist us in dealing with the issues, we are also containing the fears within us.  We are therefore denying our soul the experiences it desires to deeply understand and enhancing the meaning we give to the issue.


Throughout life we often find that upon closer inspection something that we first fear can seem far less daunting or dangerous and when we allow ourselves to experience these things we discover that they actually enrich our life.


I am not for one minute suggesting that anyone should abandon all protection, as the techniques we use can be very helpful.  However what I would like to suggest is that when something feels challenging you try this technique and see how it works.


When you feel challenged take your consciousness into your body and identify where you are feeling the fear, it can sometimes help to give it a colour.  Then take slow, gentle, deep breaths, breathe in a beautiful colour and relax as much as you can.  Take your breath to the fear and allow your breath to soften the fear.  Then step into the fear with the intent of surrendering it to the universe to be healed.  Focus on your breathing, allow yourself to feel the fear and let go.


When I see an image of how this technique occurs, I see that instead of the energy being repelled, the body acts more like gauze that allows the energy to pass through it.  I see the issues within the body represented as blemishes on the gauze and these blemishes are providing a place for fears to anchor to and therefore sustain the issue. 


As you step into the fear and feel it you allow the challenging energy to attach to the blemish, then when you surrender it to the universe and let go, you allow the challenging energy to pass through the gauze and carry the corresponding blemish away with it.  As you cleanse the body of these blemishes you leave nowhere for the fears to anchor and therefore no means of sustaining the issues.  


The whole presses can happen with far less resistance than many other techniques and you will find that the more blemishes you clear the less resistance there is.




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