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Are you living your dream or someone else’s dream?


Striving to achieve your dream is very commendable and rightfully deserves the adulation it receives.  The dream often evolves, stretching the boundaries ever growing in grandeur and can become a life long pursuit.  Pursuing your dream is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience; it will give a great deal of pleasure, a sense of self and inner contentment.  If you have no dream or passion of your own, it can be every bit as rewarding to help someone pursue theirs. 


It can be very captivating so please do not pursue your dream at the expense of all other elements of your life, especially your loved ones. 


When you admire someone for perusing their dream, you can be encouraged or beguiled into adopting their dream as yours.  You may surreptitiously surrender your own dream or feel disloyal nurturing your initial inspiration, therefor denying yourself the experience of it blossoming into a dream.  Inadvertently you may allow yourself to be swept along with another's dream. 


It is unhealthy when you are not being true to yourself because your body will resist this deception.  If you deceive yourself over a long period of time you loose your sense of self and question your purpose.  I believe the resistance within you can damage the cells of your body and could cause you ill health.


So please don’t encourage or insist on someone adopting your dream as theirs or be careful not to be swept along with someone else’s dream at the expense of your own. 


Admire and honour the dedication in the pursuit of their dream then take ownership of, nurture and pursue your own.

Often our dream seems unattainable and we feel disillusioned as to how to even begin the process of attaining our desired goal.  This is what I suggest as the first step or if you have begun use it as a technique to assist you along your way.


Imagine your dream has come to fruition and everything is wonderful.  Visualise yourself and feel how happy and content you are.  Take this beautiful feeling into your heart and enjoy how your heart feels.


Then open your heart and release this amazing feeling to the universe.  Set the joy your heart free and allow it to journey to the universe to work it’s magic on your behalf and feel secure in the knowledge that; 


When you set the joy in your heart free, it will blossom and return with glee.  



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