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The Judgment Virus


 It seems easy to point the proverbial finger of judgment these days and everyone seems to be doing it. It’s an insidious way of being that is as infectious as a virus and so I would like to give it the name, “the judgment virus”.


These judgments cover a wide range of sentiments; mistrust, accusation, blame, jealousy, shame, guilt etc; they are all perceptions fuelled by the judgment virus and all based in fear, our fear of what we feel inside.


While growing up and as adults, we’ve all been at the sharp end of these judgments.  Being accused of something when someone has jumped to conclusions without first checking all the facts or sensing someone doesn’t like us for no apparent reason.  Judgment is also used in the power struggles that can prevail within all manner of relationships.  I’m sure we’ve all at some stage in our lives felt like a blithering idiot when confronted by someone.  All these experiences and feelings perpetuate this way of being. 


We are all sentient beings and therefore are able to sense the energies exuded by others.  So when someone is being judgemental of us we can feel it, likewise when we are being judgemental of someone they can feel it also.


Our true nature is love, so all behaviours that are less than pure love we learn from others by the experiences we have.  We all have the ability to change our behaviour and demonstrate our true nature, however this does take a certain amount of discipline and self-control.  The difference it can make to our lives though is immense.


The most effective way to change these behaviours is to accept everyone for who they appear to be, without judging them for the way they act, react and articulate themselves.  Don’t get drawn into gossiping about them or engage in power struggles with them.


If you have to be around someone you find challenging or annoying, whether it’s a lot of your time or a little, graciously accept them and don’t lock horns with them.  When you accept them in this way you won’t become frustrated by them and will exude a different energy that will be without frustration.  They will then feel less threatened and will respond in a less defensive or less offensive way.  You will most likely find they begin to demonstrate another side of themselves that they were afraid to show before and the dynamics between you will change.


When we demonstrate these changed behaviours we offer the people around us the opportunity to change by emulating our example.


The example of a gracious way to live without the need to judge. 



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