David Polkinghorne
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David Polkinghorne

Hi I'm David Polkinghorne

This is a little about me.

I have lived on Tregenna Farm all my life;  I am a practical person and always apply myself to everything in a straightforward and uncomplicated way. 

When I left school I came home to work on my parents' dairy farm, learning the many skills needed from my father and at college. I was first employed by my parents then worked as a partner and eventually took on the business myself.  After 33 years in the business I sold the dairy herd in 2005 and now dedicate my time to my spiritual development and my healing practice.

I believe working often on my own, with the land, the seasons and elements, trusting my intuition as frequently there were no clear-cut answer to the challenges I faced has helped me become a grounded person who is very much in touch with myself, the planet and nature.

Healing has always been an integral part of the Cornish way of life. I grew up curious and open to these traditions. During a visit to a crystal shop in St Ives, I was intrigued to sense the vibration and energy from gemstones. This prompted me to train in many different therapies and develop the technique that I now practice, which is a complementary therapy derived from Spiritual Healing, Reiki Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and Acupressure.

All healers act as a channel, allowing the universal healing energy to flow through them into the recipient. With this in mind I endeavour to heal as many of my own issues as possible. I believe the more I heal my own issues the higher vibration I attain. I am then able to channel higher vibration healing energy, which helps the healing process to be much quicker and more effective for myself and those that receive healing from me.

Whenever I feel challenged by something or someone I realise there is fear within me, the result of conditioning I have received. This I now see as a gift of awareness that offers me the opportunity to heal an issue that is affecting my life.

The most efficient and sustainable way to heal issues is to heal them at their core (the original conditioning) and not use time healing the subsequent experiences due to the core issue (the people that reaffirmed the conditioning throughout my life). This is the way I work when channelling healing for myself and others.

Sometimes with very deep issues I understand it is necessary, when ready to revisit and heal it at a deeper level.

We cannot change what has happened in the past, however by changing what we think and how we feel about it, we change how we respond to similar experiences. We therefore empower ourselves to make conscious decisions instead of subconscious decisions and enjoy a more fulfilling future.

I believe we are each and every one of us on a journey, a journey of remembering and applying the deep and meaningful wisdom of our soul. A journey towards enlightenment and a life lived in total consciousness.

I maintain and manage the website myself, it has a lot of insights and guidance that I feel are to be shared.  It is constantly evolving and I feel a great sense of pride in this developing resource.  I hope you enjoy and benefit from your visit and please do revisit at a later date to read future updates and additions.  If you feel a friend may benefit please pass on the address.

If you would like assistance with any of the techniques or would like me to elaborate on my understanding, please get in touch.

If you live in, work in, or you’re visiting Cornwall, and you want to change something to improve your life, experience Healing in Cornwall and choose Healing that includes Acupressure.

This is a complementary therapy / holistic therapy derived from Spiritual Healing, Reiki Healing, E F T and Acupressure that assists the body’s natural healing ability. Feel relaxed and tranquil after trying an alternative approach for your health, happiness and well-being. Learn self-help and self-healing techniques that will assist you on a journey of personal and spiritual development. A skilled healer can help with issues like, illness, pain, stress, anxiety, asthma, emotional anguish, relationship despair, trauma, worry, grief, fears, phobias, addictions, panic attacks, allergies, headaches & migraines, sports injury, self esteem, confidence, self worth, depression, and much more. Heal the past change your perspective and enjoy a more fulfilling life by visiting a holistic retreat with a timeless approach to complementary health in beautiful North Cornwall.

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