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Challenges are opportunities


Please view your challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, and don’t feel like you’re a victim of circumstances.


Easy to say and not so easy to practice, I’m sure you’re thinking”.


The old saying “don’t take it to heart” is incredibly profound; because when you feel like you’re a victim “take it to heart” you will probably be blaming everyone around you for the way things are. You will also be storing those emotions and feelings within your body. If this becomes a pattern and whenever you’re challenged you take it to heart, you will be carrying an enormous burden around with you, which could make you ill.


So please, when you’re challenged by the ups and downs of life, look deep into the challenge and how it affects you. Look for what you can learn, how you can grow and the wisdom you can carry into the future from the experience.


Challenges will always appear, because they give you the opportunity to learn. However the lessons are much easier when you don’t take it to heart.





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