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Unconditional Love for the people that challenge us. 


Experiencing unconditional love is sometimes difficult, especially when someone is challenging us in some way.


I have found unconditional love becomes easier when I unconditionally accept the opportunity the challenge has given me to evolve and the sacrifice the person has made in order to bestow this gift upon me.


Unconditional acceptance leads to unconditional forgiveness, which leads to unconditional love.


Whatever is he talking about?  I’m sure you’re thinking.


I believe each and every soul is from the light and we all come to the physical realm to experience everything there is to experience throughout our many lives.


In order to experience something we need to understand what it isn’t.  How do we know what hot is, unless we know what cold is? Etc.


The true nature of every soul is love, so if we all demonstrated our true nature, how could we know what love is in the absence of its opposite, which is fear?


There is a story in one of the Conversations with God books, by Neal Donald Walsch.  The story is about the little soul and this is roughly how it goes.


The little soul was returning to the physical realm and god asked what it wished to experience this time. 


The little soul replied "forgiveness". 


"Who are you going to forgive?"  Asked god. 


The little soul looked all around and could only see souls full of love and replied, "there is no one to forgive".


Understanding the dilemma another soul stepped forward and said, "because I love you so much, I will come with you and lower my vibration to such an extent that I will cause something for you to forgive. 

This will be my gift to you and in return all I ask is that you remember who I truly am".


This story helped me a lot in understanding the challenges I receive throughout my life and for forgiving those that challenge me.


I believe the souls that challenge us are the greatest facilitators of our growth and they don’t evolve much during this lifetime themselves.  In doing so they make a huge sacrifice on our behalf. 


Unconditional acceptance, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional love are all different, however without one you can’t have the others.  In my experience unconditional love can only be experienced once I unconditionally accept and unconditionally forgive the person and the gift they have bestowed upon me.


If you will bear with me I would like to explain my understanding one step further and endeavour to explain it in as general and as clear a terms as possible.

Do we need to be constantly forgiving to deeply understand forgiveness?

If our souls desire is to experience forgiveness it is not necessary to constantly experience forgiveness throughout our life.  It merely desires to deeply understand forgiveness.


To experience forgiveness we receive conditioning as we are growing up that causes us to feel at our subconscious level that we are only worthy of receiving unkindness.


This causes us to allow people into our life that will be unkind; it is unpleasant however it’s familiar so for a while it becomes acceptable.  We find ourselves in a pattern of constantly forgiving people. 

Their gift to us is that they highlight the conditioning and patterns we have developed throughout our life and this offers us the opportunity to change.


To change the patterns we develop it’s important to go within and return to the time and people that installed the conditioning.  Not dwelling on the past, returning to the past in order to heal it.


Understand and heal the past by unconditionally accepting, unconditionally forgiving and unconditionally loving those who installed the conditioning. 

If you find this process difficult a skilled healer can help you. 


When we heal the past we change the energy within us and attract people towards us that emulate our newfound energy and this will change our life.  

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