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Happy list


It is important to love yourself because when you don’t you neglect to nurture yourself and you often allow other people to neglect or abuse you in many different ways.  You can also spend a huge amount time and energy thinking about what you don’t have, how difficult life is, how unkind people are and many other things that make you unhappy and discontented.  All these thoughts radiate into the universe like magnets attracting similar thoughts, ever expanding until they create your experience.   


It can be difficult to know how to start changing these feelings.  One useful way is to create a list of all the people and things that make you feel happy or proud.  I call it a happy list and here are some headings to get you started.


Happy List




From best friend to favourite comedian




From tooth fairy to most recent success



Special Places

From back garden to tropical island




From first kiss to most resent smile



Personal Qualities

From sense of humour to generosity


Please create new headings and add to your list as frequently as you can, the more you think about it the more you will remember.  You may be surprised how much happiness and love you have in your life.

Radiating happy thoughts more often will change what you attract and create.




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