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Healing Trauma and Emotional Scars


How does healing trauma and emotional scars from the past help?


The trauma and emotional scars in your past are like huge elastic bands.  They can anchor you to that time and can affect how you feel about and respond to similar experiences.  No matter how much you grow as a person the familiar cycles can keep repeating themselves and you can feel bewildered as to how you can change them.


Healing the trauma and emotional scars will remove the elastic bands.  It will not change your past, however it will help you feel and respond differently in the future.


A large part of the healing process is letting go of the pain, anger etc that you hold within you from challenging experiences.  This can be difficult because the issue hasn’t been resolved and your views were not heard or acknowledged. 


If this is the case for you, close your eyes, take a few deep and gentle breaths and imagine you’re standing in front of the person or people the issue was with.  Then with your thoughts or your voice tell them what you think and how you feel.  If you want to get angry, don’t hold back as your anger indicates how much it’s been affecting you and will help with the healing. 


When you have expressed yourself fully, ask if there is anything they wish to say in responce, you may not receive anything or you may be surprised by their response.  Then with honour and gratitude release them from you and release yourself from them, be gracious to them and yourself for all the strength, knowledge and wisdom you have gained from enduring these challenging experiences.  Honour the sacrifice they made to facilitate these experiences for you.  Set the pain in your heart free for the universe to heal on your behalf and feel secure in the knowledge that;


 You don’t need to hold on to the pain to appreciate the gain.


Then feel a sense of pride, a deep sense of pride for all you have endured for the purpose of your souls journey.  Feel this pride growing within you to replace the energy you were holding before.  Take ownership of it and learn to love it, this isn’t being egotistical, it’s a private pride that you have earned and deserve, Honour who you are becoming.


It is advisable to use the "Soul Retrieval" technique under the guidance tab when you have healed issues to avoid a sensation of feeling lost or disconnected and alternatively experience the sensation of elation, completeness and peace.


This technique can be used for trauma and emotional scars from the past or the present and with anyone, even if they are no longer with us on this plane.  It can also be used for places, creatures or anything that has had a profound affect on you, one way or the other.



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