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Meditation is a wonderful technique for helping you relax, identify issues that may be affecting you, give you guidance for the future and more. 

Many people I speak to say they would like to meditate, unfortunately they often find it difficult.  Sometimes they say they don’t know how to start or when they do they get distracted by the daily things that occupy their thoughts.


There are many very good CD’s that can help get you started and keep you on track, however I feel sometimes they are not always relevant to individuals on a personal level.


To those of you who want some help meditating, I would like to suggest you try the following technique, which can be more personal and meaningful.


Find some quiet time and a quiet place, then close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.  Take slow gentle and deep breaths, feel the rhythm and relax as your body and heart slow to a gentle pace.


Think of your favourite place where you feel safe and happy.  If it’s a short walk to this place your meditation can begin at the start of your walk, if not you can imagine you are already there. 


Enjoy all the things you might see, smell, hear and feel as you slowly walk the path or while you are there. Acknowledge and appreciate butterflies, bees, birds singing, flowers, the warmth of the sun, the breeze on your skin, beautiful clouds, the views, freshly cut grass and all the other things that enrich your experiences and enjoyment of your journey to your special place.


Sit on a bench, a log, a rock or the ground, whichever is appropriate and know all the things you’ve enjoyed are still around you.  With your thoughts invite someone to sit with you and ask if there is anything they wish to tell, share with or show you.


You can also ask for guidance for something you have been pondering and may be unsure about or ask to be shown when and why an issue that affects you began.  With a deeper understanding of yourself it often becomes easier to see things from a different perspective, which in turn will give you a different experience.


If during this process you become distracted it is not the end of your meditation, set those thoughts to one side to deal with them later and return to your meditation.  If you fall asleep that’s fine, you will receive what you need and will feel refreshed from a deep and meaningful rest.


Regular meditation is very rewarding, you will also find the more you practice the easier it becomes and the greater the benefits will be.  With practice you may find you can take yourself to far off places you haven’t even visited.



Guidance from the creatures or things of this planet.


Sometimes during a meditation or daily life you become aware of a creature or something you didn’t expect to see, or you see it far more frequently than you would normally.  When this happens it is most likely present to share its wisdom with you, or alert you to something in your current experience you may not be paying attention to. 


If you become aware of this during your daily life I suggest you meditate to connect with it.  Or if it’s during a meditation you can do so there and then and this is how I suggest you do so:


When you are in meditation invite whatever it is to be with you.  Then open your heart and connect with it on a deep level.  Ask what it wishes to show you and allow yourself to experience it.  It may be shown to you in various ways, it could be images, feelings, words, an inner knowing or some other way.  Whichever it is, trust that your experience is for your highest good.

This is a web-site with some wonderful wisdom from creatures.




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